Is creativity emerging as China’s greatest resource?
Innovation is going through the roof in China, and it’s time the rest of the world wakes up and learns from China – fast. For years we have been noticing a strong western bias towards China, stereotyping it as a nation of copycats. At the same time, we are seeing so much innovation, world-changing ideas and business models emerging out of China, that we thought we needed to challenge some of these perceptions and learn some valuable lessons.

We summarized our findings into 8 key lessons for leading creativity and innovation in business in China that business leaders around the world can apply.

The 8 lessons are:
1.     Put a value on creativity and innovation
2.     Have a total focus on the customers – “the ground”
3.     Don’t think big: think huge and think holistic
4.     Radical open source: hack, combine, share
5.     Serve the community and mankind
6.     Everything goes digital and mobile
7.     Betting big on technology: the future is AI and robots
8.     Shared economy – the new collectivism

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